January 24, 2023

Coffee and tea are indispensable drinks for everyone.

Coffee and tea: The world has gone through a long period of transition from the industrial age to the information age. The need for coffee and tea has been felt since ancient times. It was a necessity for everyone at some point in time.

Coffee and tea have been used as medications, as an aid to digestion, as an antidote against diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and anthrax, among others. These are all things that we have come to know about them thanks to our senses. We have also come to know about them thanks to our senses of smell, taste and touch. . Our sense of smell serves us well in many situations. We can function on a day to day basis when the food we eat has lost its smell. But even in small quantities, large amounts of coffee and tea can ruin your stomach and health over time if they are consumed continuously. Such is the case with dark-roasted coffees and teas, though there are some light-roasted coffees that also contain caffeine.Dark roast coffee falls into two categories: light/medium

  • In our previous popular video we showed you all Espresso drinks you can order at the coffee shop and in this video we want to show you all ice or cold coffee options.
  • Behind the bar is Denis Kramář – head of coffee at Rebel Bean who is ready to show you and explain 10 drinks ranging from Iced Latte, Frappé, Cold Brew, Espresso Tonic or Affogato.
  • Let’s get into it!
  • All right, so let’s start with Iced Espresso or Espresso on Ice.
  • Are you ready?
  • Okay, let’s get into it!
  • There’re two ways how to make it.
  • The first one is to pull the shot straight on the ice and the other one is pour it separately and then pour it on the rocks.
  • We prefer the first one because it gives the espresso time to cool down a bit and when you serve it you are serving it ready to go.
  • So one of the simplest iced coffee drink you can order, Espresso on Ice or Iced Espresso is basically just espresso shot straight to the ice.
  • Shakerato is a little bit different way how to prepare Espresso on Ice.
  • This drink is called Shakerato which is double shot of Espresso, a little bit of sugar and shake with ice in the shaker and then serve in some of these fancy glasses.
  • Iced Cappuccino is a beverage with milk and one Espresso.
  • And first there’s ice, then the milk and one shot on the top.
  • So this is Iced Cappuccino.
  • A single shot of Espresso slightly foamed milk and put everything on ice.
  • The preparation is completely the same as the Iced Cappuccino but there’s more milk, it’s like almost twice amount of milk.
  • Frappé, it has a roots in Greece and our adaptation is to make Frappé from Espresso machine, so it’s one shot of Espresso, 100ml of milk a little bit of simple syrup and all blended in Frappé maker and pour it on ice.
  • I mean it’s the the funny thing is the sweetness because there’s a little bit of sugar in it and it’s like super funky because there’s a lot of foam and it’s really refreshing.
  • Okay, so this is Frappé – traditional Greek iced coffee drink that is kind of adapted by baristas here at Vlnena.
  • Cappuccino Freddo, I think our way how to make it is a little bit different than usual.
  • We made a Double Espresso, pour it on ice and then we prepare milk on the Frappé maker and then pour it on the top of the Espresso so it makes like two different layers.
  • It’s almost like Irish Coffee but a little bit different.
  • Okay so this beauty is Cappuccino Freddo, which is double shot of Espresso and foamed milk from the blender.
  • Cold Brew coffee it’s a drink prepared from the coffee extracted on low temperatures with a little bit high ratio and we leave it for about 12 hours and then we put it in the jars or in the cup.
  • Okay, so this is Cold Brew coffee.
  • This particular one is made from washed Rwandan coffee.
  • And then we have Nitro and it’s the same drink but infused with nitrogen and pulled on tap.
  • The difference is that the nitrogen gives the coffee more body and really nice velvety texture.
  • I mean nitrogen is like conservant so it keeps coffee fresh for almost a week.
  • Okay, so this is Nitro Coffee which is Cold Brew coffee infused with nitrogen which creates this beautiful cascading effect and also creates a nice creamy velvety texture.
  • Affogato, it’s a drink originally from Italy and it’s a combination of vanilla ice cream and one Espresso.
  • Just put ice cream in the jar and then pour Espresso on top and you just eat it with the spoon, it’s almost like dessert.
  • I mean it’s just Tonic water with a shot of Espresso It’s bitter, it’s sweet and it’s really nice balanced.
  • And it’s a really refreshing summer cold coffee drink that got quite popular recently and it’s nice mixture of the bitterness and sparkliness of the Tonic water and acidity and sweetness of Espresso.
  • Okay, let’s summarize them for you once again.
  • I should mention that these are not the universal recipes.
  • They can vary a lot around the world.
  • We ask Denis to show drinks as they serve them in the coffee shop here in Brno.
  • Iced Espresso or Espresso on Ice is an Espresso shot poured over ice, served in a small glass cup.
  • Ice Cappuccino is a slightly foamed, more shaken milk poured over ice in a glass with a single shot of Espresso poured on top of it.
  • Iced Latte is almost the same as Iced Cappuccino just with more milk served in a taller glass.
  • Frappé consists of one Espresso shot, 100ml of milk and a little bit of simple syrup all blended together and pour over ice in a tall glass.
  • Cappuccino Freddo is Double Espresso poured over ice and top with a layer of frothy cold milk.
  • Cold Brew coffee is coffee extracted in low temperature water for a long time, usually 12 to 24 hours and serve in the glass over the ice.
  • Nitro Coffee is Cold Brew coffee infused with nitrogen often stored in a keg and served from a tap.
  • Affogato is a coffee dessert that consists of one Espresso shot poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • Espresso Tonic is a simple coffee cocktail that consists of Tonic water poured over ice into a glass and then topped with a Single Espresso shot.
  • Alright, so that’s it.
  • We showed you 10 cold coffee drinks that you can order and try.
  • Hope you enjoyed it

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